12. May 2022 - 19. February 2023

12. may 2022 - 19. february 2023
Rahbeks Allé 23
1801 Frederiksberg C
T: 33 31 43 62


The exhibition “hånd/ værk” (in English “craftmanship”) acts as an introduction to Bakkehuset’s newly decorated room, The New Room, which is a place dedicated to conversation. See it! Try it!

“Hånd /værk” contains a selection of works by the cabinet maker Teis Dich Abrahamsen’s and the poet Morten Søndergaard. Their work establishes the character and aim of The New Room, and eloquently sums up the concept of the words ‘hånd’ and ‘værk’ – craftsmen and their work. The hand that writes, and the hand that cuts and planes are the hands that create a piece of work. The poet and the craftsman work and express themselves in different media but the path they take is the same and it goes on forever. Together the two catch sight of the overlooked, which in their hands takes on new form and new meaning, but with its feet firmly planted in what came before. The craftsman starts as an apprentice and becomes a master but work itself never ceases. When a work is finished, the hand has already moved on.

MORTEN SØNDERGAARD ​​is first and foremost a poet, and for a number of years he actually lived in Bakkehuset with the writer Merete Pryds Helle and their children, in Bakkehuset’s residence for writers. In recent years Søndergaard has worked with both installations and exhibitions. His interest in the relationship between language and materiality characterizes his artistic work and his poetic exploration of temporality, materials and positions of utterance is all pervasive. With his work, he shows how a text gains meaning through the substance employed, whether the word is written on thin paper, in medicine boxes, or chiseled in stone. It can be said that Søndergaard manifests language in order to experience it.

TEIS DICH ABRAHAMSEN is primarily a cabinetmaker, but also works with furniture conservation and restoration. Abrahamsen’s work stems from a profound love for wood. Few, can draw out the poetic beauty of individual types of timber, as he does – whether he is producing furniture, prototypes or unique objects. With his cabinets, with ball bearings tracks, mobiles and indefinable objects, he has, with his craftsman’s accuracy, created his own universe, where aesthetics, precision and perfection achieve synergy. As with Morten Søndergaard an interest in materials is combined with an artistic legend.

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