Ingvar Cronhammar: H

30. March 2015 - 30. November 2015

30. march 2015 - 30. november 2015
Søndermarken opposite Zoo
2000 Frederiksberg

T: +45 30 73 80 32

“With a few, but simple interventions, Ingvar Cronhammar has created a visually striking artwork to Cisternerne at Frederiksberg. It appeals to the senses and calls for reflection.”


The water returns

The old water reservoir at Soendermarken Park was drained 33 years ago. Throughout 2015 you could experience the water return to Cisternerne.

The exhibition “H” was an ambitious and comprehensive installation created by the Danish artist Ingvar Cronhammar, accompanied by the Danish musical composer Martin Hall.

When entering Cisternerne you were surrounded by water, in the form of a large water surface that covered the floor, and columns of falling water that reflected and co-created the visual as well as the musical experience.

“I think everything is going so damn fast in this world – it is a high-speed train. Therefore, we need a break. A small sanctuary.”

Ingvar Cronhammar

Into the engine-room

Ingvar Cronhammar’s installation exuded a heaviness and power which can best be described as something mechanical. The journey around the exhibition was an experience similar to stepping into the engine-room of an enormous, abstract machine.

The concept of the exhibition was very simple and yet very effectively created with metaphors and associations of the existential and the subconscious.

About the artist

Ingvar Cronhammar (b. 1947) is a well-known Danish artist. His artistic work combines art, design and architecture. One of his most famous artworks is the monumental sculpture ELIA (2001), which is placed on a field close to the city of Herning in Jutland. Cronhammer was awarded the prestigious Eckersberg Medaillen in 1993, the Thorvaldsen Medaillen in 2003 and the Order of the Dannebrog in 2007.

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