Permanent exhibition

Frederiksberg Runddel
2000 Frederiksberg

T: +45 38 86 05 00

At STORM, you can always meet Storm P. and his humoristic and whimsical universe. Storm P. was a personality who, if anyone, came to draw Danish humor and self-understanding in the 20th century. In his numerous daily streaks, he portrayed life in a way that made him a part of the Danish identity and cultural heritage. Storm P.’s works are about being human and how we act in relation to one another, and the museum paints a picture of a unique Danish artist who is still able to make us reconsider how we look at ourselves and society around us.

In the museum’s collection on the 1st floor, you can step right into Storm P.’s study and observe the artist over his shoulder. Let your eyes wander in the room’s beautiful tangle of amazing things and dive into Storm P.’s artistic universe. The desk and easel stand, as it did, when he created his last drawings and paintings. The atmosphere of the room is typical of the period, and the many objects tell the stories from Storm P.’s life and time.