6. October 2024

Open introduction in Cisternerne /

The public introduction in Cisternerne starts on the lawn above ground, and gives an insight into the place’s exceptional architecture, history, climate and the exhibition that awaits.

6. oktober 2024 kl. 14:00 - 15:00

After the introduction, you will get to experience the current exhibition in Cisternerne on your own. 

This year Cisternerne presents an extensive sound installation by artist Taryn Simon. Building everlasting recitations of loss, Start Again the Lament explores how we mourn individually and collectively, considering the anatomy of grief and who we choose to guide us through it. Read more about the exhibition

The exhibition is an intense sound installation, experienced walking on metal grates without any railing, above 10-centimeter water. This year the experience is very dark and not recommended for small children, visually impaired guests or guests with walking difficulties. 

The tour is free when the entrance is paid. It is not possible to reserve tickets for the introduction beforehand, and the upper limit on participants is 25. Larger groups are advised to book a separate introduction. The introduction has a duration of approximately 20 minutes. 

The introduction is in English.