Permanent exhibition

Frederiksberg Runddel
2000 Frederiksberg

T: +45 38 86 05 00

Humorist in a beautiful setting

In the exhibition you can experience a string of Storm P.’s paintings and drawings and many of his famous figures such as Peter and Ping, The 3 little Men and the Flies. A number of crazy and whimsical drawings can be found on the ground floor, where you can also – on a larger digital table – flip through the museum’s 33,000 original Storm P. drawings and find your own favorites.

The drawings

Over the years, the characteristic line in Storm P.’s drawings developed into a wildly imaginative and diverse style, where he unfolded it in almost every direction. Most famous are the many Peter and Ping stories, the philosophical flies and the crooked inventions. As a regular supplier to B.T., he provided three daily drawings.

The paintings

Painting began to seriously occupy Storm P. during his visit to Paris in 1906, where he opened his eyes to modernist and expressionist art. At that time, Paris was a vibrant metropolis with bohemian and avant-garde artist milieus, which helped to arouse his enthusiasm for the art of painting, but also for the artist cabaret. Scenes from the French nightlife are a favorite motif in his paintings from this period. Modernist painters such as Edvard Munch, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and James Ensor were strong sources of inspiration for Storm P., but over the years, he developed his own distinctive style populated by vagabonds and other joyful existences. For Storm P., the paintings provided a free space where he could refine the universe that he created in his drawings.

The museum has sorted the exhibited paintings around different themes, e.g., Caricature, Death, Women, Circus and Back to Nature. The collection is large, and Storm P. was immensely productive, thus only a small part of the collection is promoted.

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