Nour Fog: Birth

18. January 2022 - 20. March 2022

18. january 2022 - 20. march 2022
Andebakkesti 5
2000 Frederiksberg

T: +45 69 13 80 90
E: moestings@frederiksbergmuseerne.dk

For the exhibition Birth, Nour Fog had occupied the elegant premises on the first floor in Møstings with a ceramic scenery of sensuous and organic sculptures. A soundscape of the ocean and heartbeats, waved in over the high-ceilinged spaces filled with formations that had associations of shells, cut stones, embryogeny, organs and pregnant stomachs.

The exhibition used the course of a pregnancy, a labor and a post-birth course as a starting point. The works reflected the emotional and bodily conditions, senses and experiences that can appear during the intense and fragile journey while creating a child.


Nour’s exhibition branched off into the nature outside of Møstings, where the androgynous and mythological creature, Hydro Human, proudly rised from the surface of Andebakkesøen.

Nour works with a non-binary aesthetic and agenda, where they deliberately both work for and oppose the traditional sexes and symbols. With their idiom, Nour wishes to create works that can contribute to a rounder, softer and more flexible understanding of the world.

The title, Birth (Skumfødt), refers to Sandro Botticelli’s painting Den skumfødte Venus (The Birth of Venus) from 1486, which also defined the exhibition’s visual starting point in the mythologies and symbols of the ocean.

For the exhibition, Nour had invited composer Jirasol Pereira Ayala to create the soundscape of the exhibition. They have also invited Victor Boy Lindholm to contribute with the text Mennesker kan ikke se under vand.

Nour Fog (b. 1981) became a graduate from det Jyske Kunstakademi in 2016 and works investigatively and sculpturally in the ceramic medium, with a focus on gender political themes and sensuality. Sound and performance often play a big part in their works, and Fog has earlier had exhibitions displayed in, for example, Overgaden, Gl. Holtegaard, Sydhavn Station and Galleri Image.

The exhibition is supported by Statens Kunstfond and the City of Frederiksberg’s music committee.

Nour Fogh Skumfødt Møstings