20. june 2024 - 5. january 2025
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1801 Frederiksberg C

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”If you use what you have,” this is what Hans Christian Andersen wrote with elaborate letters in the handwritten fairy tale, that is now being exhibited at Bakkehuset for the first time. The fairy tale, which is about a child and an adult who create a comedy together using things they find in a toy drawer, is filled with storytelling and joy.

The original manuscript written by Hans Christian Andersen as an older man is on display at Bakkehuset. The manuscript is filled with his personal changes and corrections, and one can almost sense his creative process, even as it nears completion. In the story, the child and the adult create a comedy using what they have at home: a glove, a vest, a boot and a pipe become the main characters, and the plot is inspired by plays they are already familiar with.

“Let’s see what we can find in your toy drawer. First the characters, and then we’ll prepare the play; one holds the other together. This is going to be splendid! Here’s a pipe head, and there an odd glove; they’ll do very well for father and daughter.”

We invite children and their adults to follow Andersen’s example and create stories together. At the museum, you can see, read and listen to the fairy tale. You can also continue the story or write something entirely new. In a small studio, children can record their stories, and if you feel like playing, simply open one of the many drawers in the Fairytale Academy and play out the story – just like in the old fairy tale.

All children will receive a fairy tale booklet when they visit the museum.