Ellen Hyllemose: Landscape Seen from the Side

7. January 2023 - 19. March 2023

7. january 2023 - 19. march 2023
Andebakkesti 5
2000 Frederiksberg

T: +45 69 13 80 90
E: moestings@frederiksbergmuseerne.dk

At the year’s first exhibition in Møstings, artist Ellen Hyllemose (b. 1968) explores our relationship with the landscape through several site-specific, abstract installations. 
The starting point for the exhibition is the artist’s continuous investigation of the landscapes that surround us, both the contemporary landscape characterized by man-made changes and the more intimate and homely landscapes. Using a wide range of materials, this very thing is explored again and again in her sculptural paintings and painterly sculptures. 

At the solo exhibition in Møstings, Hyllemose exhibits several larger sculptures created specifically for the distinctive exhibition spaces, where the classic colors on the walls intertwine with several of the works. 

Incorporated into the sculptures, one senses outlines of various objects under or on the colored lycra, such as plastic parts, stones and wood found on the beach. By incorporating found elements into new sculptures, picturesque new landscapes are created in themselves. The exhibition also features several smaller wall-hung works, such as landscape portraits and map-like drawings on masonite. 

Despite a general absence of people as a motif, the body is nonetheless always present in Ellen Hyllemose’s works. Not as actual figures but as imprints and traces, hidden or obscured. 

The title Landscape seen from the side refers precisely to the artistic focus on the overlooked, the detail, and everything that is between the layers and behind the view. 

Møstings’ surrounding outdoor spaces are present in the exhibition with the rooms’ striking light, the water and the swaying tree tops. From here there is a view of Ellen Hyllemose’s installation in Andebakkesøen created by cut up strips of landscape in colored tarpaulin, which on rainy days drip and swirl water droplets around. 

In connection with the exhibition, a richly illustrated catalog with text by professor and author, Erik Steffensen, and a book extract from anthropologist Cecilie Rubow’s book, Indendørsmenneskets natur, will be published.

Opening: Friday 6th of January 2022

The exhibition, catalog and concert are supported by Arbejdernes Landsbank, Frederiksberg Musikudvalg, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Ny Carlsbergfondet and Statens Kunstfond.