Application for an exhibition at Møstings

When Møstings reopened in the beginning of 2022, the exhibitions were moved from the ground to the first floor.

Now, the surroundings and the elegant summer residence from the beginning of the 19th century play a central role in relation to both the artistic input and the visitors’ experience. Therefore, it is wished that applicants should incorporate and relate to the special framework. In addition, artists are invited to make proposals for visitor participation activities or for programmes containing arrangements presenting the works as an integral part of the exhibition experience.

Open Call

Møstings is part of Frederiksbergmuseerne. Here professional artists are invited to make proposals for site-specific exhibition projects for the exhibition rooms on the first floor.

Møstings functions as a platform for contemporary and modern art

Newly educated and experienced artists across different media are invited to apply. Just as we occasionally provide a framework for curated exhibitions of modern art by late artists.

Next application deadline for the programme 2025 is 16th of January 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Frederiksbergmuseerne works actively to present a diversified exhibition programme involving a wide range of media and created by artists across age, gender as well as cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Process and programme

The staff of Frederiksbergmuseerne are responsible for the processing of all applications and the final selection. Prior to the final selection of the year’s exhibition programme artists will be invited to a dialogue about their exhibition proposals.

Conditions and guidelines

  • The exhibition period is 10 weeks. In addition exhibitors will have 10 days in which to mount their exhibition.
  • Two days’ technical assistance are offered in connection with the setting up of the exhibition.
  • The walls in the exhibition rooms may not be painted in other colors than the existing ones.
  • Ceilings, floors, wooden panels and stucco must remain intact, and it is therefore not permitted to drill holes or to change the components of the building in any other way. Consideration must in general be shown for the fact that this is a listed building.
  • Communication concerning the exhibition will be formulated and coordinated by the staff of Frederiksbergmuseerne on the basis of close dialogue with the artist.
  • Prints in connection with PR and documentation for the exhibition will be the responsibility of Frederiksbergmuseerne
  • The artist’s fee for the exhibition will be paid based on the recommended minimum fees.
  • Transport of works is not covered.
  • Talks given by the artist and the like will be remunerated separately.

Works will be insured by Frederiksbergmuseerne.

Floorplan for Møstings

Application process  

Applications in connection with Open Call shall contain the points below, and be submitted as a single PDF document:

  • Project description – which briefly and clearly describes the general idea behind the exhibition, perhaps with an outline for a public programme. Max. 2,500 keystrokes.
  • Short text about the applicant’s practice in general; for example an artist statement.
  • Short CV for applicant(s).
  • Relevant photo documentation of earlier works and projects.
  • Contact information: Email, address and telephone number.
  • Information about previous applications or exhibitions at Møstings.

Møstings reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the above requirements.

The application should be sent via mail to:

Note: The application must not exceed 10 pages incl. CV and photo material.


For further information contact curator, Aristea Kildegaard Pappas:, tel: +45 30738032