Cisternerne: Practical information

In general about Cisternerne

Be aware

Take your time / Be aware that you will enter a relatively dark room. Proceed slowly and give yourself time to get used to the surroundings

Exhibition / Part of the current installation is experienced from unlit winding walkways without railing. Walk carefully to avoid stepping into the water

Shh! / With a reverberation of 17 seconds, it is necessary to speak quietly so you will not disturb the experience of the other guests

Take care of the dripstones / It is not allowed to touch the stalactites or walk on the sloping slopes

Dressing / Remember a jacket or shirt – even on hot summer days it is chilly in Cisternerne

Photography / You are very welcome to take pictures, but without flash and tripod. We look forward to seeing your photos on Instagram #cisternerne

Toilet facilities / We do not have a toilet in Cisternerne. The nearest toilet is in the small, orange house in Søndermarken approx. 200 meters from Cisternerne

Disability conditions / Unfortunately you can not get down into Cisternerne with a wheelchair, and you should also be aware that the light is sparse

Stroller and pram cannot be brought / … But you are welcome to park in or outside the entrance pyramid

Animals / Only guide dogs and approved service dogs have access in Cisternerne

Large groups and school classes / Must book in advance