The Orangery & café

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In the month of August, there is a simple summer at the Orangery, where one can enjoy well-brewed coffee, tea, chilled white wine, beer, and soft drinks. The menu includes cake and a small selection of delicious sandwiches.

It is not possible to book a table in advance.

Note: We are closed every Monday.

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Sweet, salt, fat strong and crisp


Rosforth & Rosforth delivers the Orangery’s wines and the list is adapted so that they go perfectly with the sandwiches. Our beer is organic and comes from Herslev Bryghus. Hart Bageri delivers the delicious bread, and Risteriet the good coffee, brewed with due patience and respect for the selected beans. At the time of Bakkehuset’s host and hostess Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek it was primarily tea that was served for their guests, and in Bakkehuset’s Orangery you can choose between three fantastic teas from Henrietta Lovell’s Rare Tea Company. For something sweet to accompany your tea or coffee-

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Historical ways of preserving

Fermentation, pickling, salting and other historical ways of preserving

The telling of history is best when it proceeds through all of our senses. And conversations are the very best when they take place over good food and drinks. Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek knew that – and it is still very true today. That is why food is often involved in our many activities at Bakkehuset.

But what did people eat in the old days? How did they preserve their food? What does the fermentation process do to the raw materials? The Orangery’s chef, Anne Sofie Berlin, offers ongoing workshops, where you can learn how to ferment, salt, pickle and preserve fruit and vegetables.